Who are we?

Our history

Ned Herrmann is at the origin of Whole Brain Thinking in business and education.

Considered in the US as the father of the Whole Brain Technology®, he used models of brain function to establish a model of how the mind works.

In 1995, the publication of his book "The Whole Brain Business Book" has set a new standard in the research for thinking styles, strategic areas such as leadership, productivity, sales and teamwork.

He was former Director of Management Education at General Electric in the USA.

Founded in 1986, Herrmann International Europe is a consulting and training company with an international dimension.

Herrmann International Europe is managed by Lionel Marc Vuillemin, sociologist and internal training specialist.

A team close to you

Together, we will develop training engineering solutions suited to your company needs.

We are available to work in any country in which your company operates.

Our consultants are chosen based on their profile, customer expectations and their technical knowledge.

Every 10 minutes, an HBDI® is processed somewhere in the world.

We work every day to help organisations adapt to today's technological advances and economic changes.