Aren’t your participants available enough? Do you want to devote more time to practical exercises when you facilitate a training session?

The e-Learning content

The e-Learning program:

  • defines and describes the Whole Brain Model®, the basis of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • examines how thinking preferences affect behaviour in planning, work, relationships and communication
  • explores how participants’ behaviours affect their styles
  • prepares participants to fully understand and apply their HBDI® Profile.

A scripted content allows you to acquire the concepts and key elements to understand your profile and its influence on communication, learning and teamwork.
This e-learning prepares participants to a classroom training where they will receive their HBDI® profile results and will have more time for exercises and practice.

The steps

  • Phase 1: The participant fills up the HBDI® questionnaire online.
  • Phase 2: The participant accesses a 40-minute e-Learning session.
  • Phase 3: a classroom training is fully dedicated to exercises on a specific application:
    • Communication: "Mobilise all your intelligences to better communicate"
    • Management: "Manage the Whole Brain way"
    • Sales: "Colour your customers"
    • and so on...